Charleston...Again // Personal

This trip marked the fifth time I've been to Charleston; and I've never gotten tired of looking at the gorgeous buildings lined with palm trees. I've visited in the sunshine and in the rain and each time is just as charming as the last. I could take photos all day long just walking the streets and still be perfectly content. 

This time I went with my friend Sophie and Christy, both who I'd been to Charleston with before, but on separate trips. We'd all fallen in love with the place and so there was no doubt we would go back together when Christy was back in town for Memorial Day weekend. 

King Street reminds me like something out of a movie, and I couldn't help taking photos every few seconds. Every corner looked like it was just begging to be photographed. And to top it off, the weather was perfect. We made our way up the street shopping and stopping to get some delicious gelato until it was time for coffee! 

Black Tap Coffee is my go-to for coffee when visiting Charleston. It's sort of a hidden gem, away from the busy part of the city, so the atmosphere of the cafe is slow-paced and you really feel like a local as people chat over coffee and the college kids work on their computers. We took the long way to get there, (I later realized we took a reallyy long way and should've listened to Sophie, whoops) but we got to see more of the pretty houses and I got more photos out of it. ;) Speaking of photos, the window light in Black Tap is every photographers dream, so I made it a point to take a substantial amount of pictures while we sipped on our cold brew. I couldn't contain myself while shooting these, I just love how they came out. 

For our last stop, we made our way out to Folly Beach to catch the pretty sunset light. It was empty and open and perfect for pictures.